Installation and use of a broker service for Back-Up of a Database

Backup a SQL database in a single click is now possible throught your K2 forms. You just have to install the appropriate broker service. For more information read the article until the end 🙂.

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Versioning on K2 Five

On K2 five, there is a notion of versioning for workflows, forms and views. Thus it is possible in case of alteration of our wokflow, form or view, to go back to the previous version.

This article will help you understand how to change the version of a wokflow, a form and a view. In case of alteration, you will also see how to return to the previous version.

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Understand and resolve changes from “List” to “Execute” on SQL smartobjects

We have already had at least once an “Advanced SmartObject” whose method was changed from “List” to “Execute”  without it being known neither why and even less how to fix it 🤔. In order to have clear ideas on this subject, read untill the end of the article .

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