A topic that comes up frequently when our K2 platform gets bigger, it’s a simple way to monitor its environment without having to connect to the workspace and check if instances are in error or if everything is fine (yes yes, it happens!)

To set up this kind of mechanism, it is necessary to use the

Workflow Management

which makes it possible to list the errors on the platform K2, and to make a retry on these detected errors.

To monitor errors, 2 solutions are available to us:

  • Monitoring via a screen
  • Monitoring via a process

Monitoring via a screen

This type of monitoring consists of benefiting from a form that lists the errors.
Advantage: faster access than the workspace
Disadvantage: Need to go check it regularly

At first, we will generate a SmartObject that uses the following 2 methods:


Monitor your K2 Blackpearl Monitoring server The

 Get errors

method takes as parameter the name of the error page to display. By default, pass “All” which lists all the errors present on the server K2. Other error pages can be added in the workspace, section

 Error profiles

. The second method

 retry error

allows to launch a


on the error for which we passed the ID as a parameter.

Once the SmartObject is generated, you need to generate a list type view that uses the

 Get errors


Monitor your K2 Blackpearl Monitoring server

We will add to this view a toolbar button


that will execute the


method by passing the id of the selected error as well as the name of the connected person:

Monitor your K2 Blackpearl Monitoring server


Here is the final result:

Monitor your K2 Blackpearl Monitoring server

Monitoring via un processus

This solution consists in modeling a K2 process, which will be launched periodically (see article on the periodic process trigger), which will go to consult the errors of the current environment, generate an HTML table with the errors recovered and send this table by mail to users set as recipients.

The SmartObject used will be the same as for the first solution. We will then go through a compound process that will check if there are errors present on the server, if there is no error, the process does nothing, if errors are present, we will generate the HTML table (generate table activity that loops on the list of errors) and send this HTML table in an email.

We will also generate a link that will be inserted in the mail that will take us to a form to retry automatically from the mail.

Monitor your K2 Blackpearl Monitoring server

We can see in the process that a loop is in place around the generateTable activity, and that 2 outputs are conditioned:

If curIndex

  • If curIndex < nbErrors : There are still some errors to process
  • If curIndex = nbErrors : we handled all the errors, we can send the mail

     Monitor your K2 Blackpearl Monitoring server  We will initialize the datafield


    with the function


    on the method

    Get errors

    of our SmartObject as well as the datafield





     Monitor your K2 Blackpearl Monitoring server  In the 2nd event, we will initialize the datafield


    (text type) with the header of the HTML table.

     Monitor your K2 Blackpearl Monitoring server  In the


    activity, the first event is to generate a link to a form, which takes as parameter the error ID and attempts a


    when the initialize rule of the form. (the method is the same as that developed for the toolbar button of solution 1).

     Monitor your K2 Blackpearl Monitoring server  The ConcatValues ​​event will concatenate the data of the current line with the values ​​of the htmlTable datafield.

    Example of data recovery (Folio):

    Monitor your K2 Blackpearl Monitoring server

    Monitor your K2 Blackpearl Monitoring server

     Monitor your K2 Blackpearl Monitoring server  Last event of the


    activity, incrementing the variable

     Monitor your K2 Blackpearl Monitoring server  Finally, we send the table generated in the datafield


    in a mail event, for which we will have the choice of recipients of the mail.


    It’s your turn  😉

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