FF Prono is an application that allows you to make predictions on the different matches of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

It contains 02 main screens:

1.The home page

This page contains the predictions of the logged in user, the results of the logged in user and the ranking of the different users who have participated in the predictions.

a) The Predictions tab

This tab allows the logged-in user to make predictions for the different matches.

NB: When the date of the match has passed, the user can no longer make predictions.

Application: Acceuil

b) The Results tab

This tab displays the different scores of the predictions as well as the results. It also displays the number of points per match.

Application: Result

c) The ranking tab

This tab allows you to have the ranking of the different people who made predictions with their points.

Application: Ranking

2. L’administration

This screen allows you to add matches and set the actual scores after the game.

Application: admin

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