K2 controls that you do not have the “clicked ” event (such as Data Label, Label, HyperLink, etc.) and do not give the possibility to make operations during the click. However, in some cases we would want to make a clickable data label. For example use a Data Label, Label or HyperLink to open a Pop-Up. So how do you open a Pop-Up at a click on it for example 😬😬😬? Don’t panic!!!☝😌.

In this tutorial we will show you how to make a DataLabel control clickable so that it opens a Pop-Up. The process is the same for making a HyperLink control type.


1.    Creating a Pop-Up_View that will be displayed in Pop-Up

DataLabel Cliquable : Vue

2.    Creating a form

This form will include a button and our component that does not have the clicked event (Data Label, Label, Hyper link, etc.). For this tutorial we will use a label.

DataLabel Cliquable :Formulaire


2.1.  Bouton Configuration

We will configure our button so that it opens when clicking our Pop-Up_View in Pop-Up. (1) Name your ButtonPop-Up button, (2) then uncheck the visible box, (3) then click on Rules.

DataLabel Cliquable : Configuration du Button

Then add the following rules:

 DataLabel Cliquable : Règles d'ouverture au clic du Pop-Up

Specifying the size of the Pop-Up when you click on (configure)

DataLabel Cliquable : Taille de la Pop-Up

2.2.  Make the Data Label (Label, Hyper link) clickable

As shown in the figure above, check the case Litteral boxes in the Data Label properties (Label, Hyper Link)

DataLabel Cliquable : Configuration

The click on … this image: . Then in the page that opens click on   the text box that opens enter the following expression:

<span onclick=”javascript:OpenPopup()” style=”Color:blue;font-size:1.2em;”>Open Pop Up</span>

<script>function OpenPopup(){$(‘[name=”ButtonPop-Up”]’).click();}</script>

As shown in the figure above:

Data Label Configuration: Code Javascript


Click on OK

DataLabel Cliquable : formulaire

Our Data Label (resp. Label, HyperLink) can now open a Pop-Up for us when we click on it.
If you have followed the steps correctly you should have the result below:

Data Label Cliquable

When you click on our Data Label our Pop-Up opens:

DataLabel Cliquable : Rendu

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