Since browsers have integrated tabs, we all use the tab key to change tabs.

Why not have the same functionality in a K2 form?

This is a nice feature, to implement by using the following Javascript code :

function checkTabPress(e) { 
	"use strict"; 
 	e = e || event; 
 	var activeElement; 
	if (e.keyCode == 9) { 
		// tabulation pressed
		if($(".tab.selected").closest('li').nextAll(':has(.tab):first').html() == null)
		{	// we are on the last tab, so we go back on the first one
			console.log('first tab');	
			// Select next tab
			console.log('next tab');	

// We attach the checkTabPress function to the "keyup" event
var body = document.querySelector('body');body.addEventListener('keyup', checkTabPress);
Javascript à ajouter a notre formulaire

Once the Javascript has been added to your form, you just have to run the form and play with the tab key.


Enjoy  😎

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